Welcome to CoCEAL!

CoCEAL is a coalition of post-secondary and professional educators devoted to the educational success of the state’s Latino/Hispanic population. The group grew out of a larger, statewide Hispanic Association of College and University group that began to meet in earnest in July of 2008. The intent of the group is to build a sustainable coalition of professional educators at the post-secondary level who will actively participate in the state-level and national post-secondary education agenda with a targeted and particular focus on success for the Latino/Hispanic residents of the state of Colorado.

LAEFThe Latin American Educational Foundation Scholarship application has opened!  This is a great opportunity, so please refer students to http://www.laef.org/Scholarship.  The scholarship will be open until Nov 13, 2016, however there is an incentive to apply by the early deadline of Oct 31, 2016.

du-exhibit-the-wallAn exhibition in collaboration with Maruca Salazar of Denver’s Museo de las Americas, The Wall features contemporary Latino/a artists working in the muralist tradition, as well as contemporary painters, tattoo artists and experimental media pieces. The exhibition showcases the work of 9 regional artists.  This exhibit is open from Septbember 29th through November 13th. In our current political climate, the image of a wall is a contested metaphor of discrimination, fear and xenophobia. The Vicki Myhren Gallery offers a counterpoint- providing a space for artists with direct links to immigration to explore their identity, reacting to the wall as a metaphor, or leaving it behind.  Click here for more information.