Welcome to CoCEAL!


CoCEAL is a coalition of post-secondary and professional educators devoted to the educational success of the state’s LatinX population. The group grew out of a larger, statewide Hispanic Association of College and University group that began to meet in earnest in July of 2008. The intent of the group is to build a sustainable coalition of professional educators at the post-secondary level who will actively participate in the state-level and national post-secondary education agenda with a targeted and particular focus on success for the LatinX residents of the state of Colorado.


A Special Message from the Executive Board


CoCEAL Community:

What a year it has been! As we enter a season of record-breaking cases of COVID-19, we know that things are changing rapidly, consequently adding to the stress and fatigue we already face. Please remember to practice self-care and make sure you are staying safe during this unpredictable time. As promised, we are providing a compilation of self-care ideas gathered by members at our most recent membership meeting to expand upon your self-care activities.

The elections are mostly over and there is much to reflect on from this historic election. Latinx gente showed up at the polls and voted in record-breaking numbers. The American Election Eve Poll reports that 70% of Latinx votes went to President Elect Joe Biden leading by a 43-point margin over Republican incumbent Donald Trump. As we await the appointment of a new President, we remain optimistic for a better future for all Latinx people across the nation and especially Colorado. In response, CoCEAL has joined the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado to urge state lawmakers to start creating system-level changes that will uplift and further support communities of color within our state. Click here for a post-election statement from the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado and a list of the Colorado institutions coming together as one voice.

CoCEAL remains committed to expanding the educational opportunities for our Latinx population and the wellbeing of all members. We also understand issues related to COVID-19, presidential transitions woes, racism toward Black, brown and indigenous folx, and homophobia will not disappear once we enter a new year. With these concepts in mind, we will continue to center our 2020-2021 goal towards emphasizing the creation of spaces for community and healing all while fostering connections with one another.

As the fall 2020 semester ends, we hope you take time to engage in activities that bring joy to self and loved ones, and to recharge and invest in well-being as a way of practicing resistance to continue to liberate ourselves.

Executive Board