Standing Committees

CoCEAL’s Standing Committees are the mechanism that moves CoCEAL to achieve its mission of ensuring that Colorado’s Latinxs reach their fullest educational potential of academic success and graduation from a college or university.

Please consider joining a committee by contacting a committee chair to let them know about your interest. Committee participants must be paid CoCEAL Members.



Committee Charge: Develop a strategy to grow membership. Review and update CoCEAL website.
Co-Chairs: David Martinez (CU Boulder), Eric Carpio (Adams State)

Data Management

Committee Charge: Gather research related to Latinx student achievement across the state that we can share that already exists. Invite faculty from our institutions who are conducting research on Latinxs in Higher Education.
Co-Chairs: Patricia Vigil (Colorado State University), Alfred Flores (CU Boulder)


Committee Charge: Identify partner organizations doing similar work and research to support the Educational Advancement of Latinxs. Professional development of Latinx Higher Education Professionals. Explore the role with CoCEAL of our faculty on our campuses, if they are not a member why aren’t they and what would make them members.
Co-Chairs: Dominic Martinez (CU Denver Anschutz) and Mary Ontiveros (Colorado State University)

Policy and Legislation

Committee Charge: To draft a “Brown” paper after data gathering has occurred, second half of the year.
Co-Chairs: Curtis Esquibel (University of Denver), Lynda Duran (CU Denver)

Best Practices and Innovation

Committee Charge: How do we cultivate our own talent? Identify research questions to post and get teams of students from various institutions to conduct the research and present to CoCEAL.
Co-Chairs: Arlene Nededog (Colorado State University), Reyna Anaya (University of Norther Colorado)


Committee Charge: Determine area of focus and purpose.
Chair: Jim Chavez (Latin American Education Foundation)