Newsletter of the Colorado Coalition for the Educational Advancement of LatinXs (CoCEAL)

Noticias is one of the prime communication tools for CoCEAL to reach its members and others interested in the mission of ensuring that LatinX reach their fullest educational potential.  Noticias are sent out twice a month and reach a vast audience in Colorado, as well as around the country and internationally.  Noticias is a great vehicle for keeping up to date on important trends and research.  Noticias is also a great way to network and share information about career opportunities at member institutions!

Institutional Members can post to Noticias free of charge.
  • Reach over 400 diverse higher education professionals
  • Sections on Events, Career & Internship Opportunities, News & Information
  • Career &Internship Opportunities average 50 views within 10 minutes of posting

Submitting an opportunity to Noticias:
  • To submit an item for Noticias, please click here and complete the Google form.

Email Jessica Solis at for more information.

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