CoCEAL is composed of education professionals representing both the postsecondary education sector as well as the education service sector, including institutional representation as well as representation from colleagues in different education organizations. CoCEAL members have made an intentional and concerted effort to work together to provide greater access to higher education for all students, with a specific concentration on LatinX students throughout the education pipeline.

The CoCEAL Executive Board and Steering Committees are made up of individuals who are leaders in their respective fields and who are highly committed to the group’s vision and mission. The larger CoCEAL membership is comprised of other education leaders and practitioners representing various education, civic and private sector professions within and across the state of Colorado. CoCEAL’s goal, throughout its first two years of existence, is to obtain non-profit status. This status will allow the organization to leverage financing in order to execute its vision and mission to facilitate change and transform the P-20 education pipeline on a broader, holistic level, allowing CoCEAL to cultivate and foster success for all students, with a particular focus on LatinX students.


CoCEAL envisions educational equity for Latinx communities to liberate ourselves, enrich Colorado, and transform society.


CoCEAL is to influence, challenge, and lead higher education systems that advance equitable Latinx student access, success and graduation in Colorado.

CoCEAL adheres to the following core values:

  • Promoting, advocating, and supporting the role of LatinXs as full participants and leaders of society.
  • Creating a legacy of empowerment, civic engagement, and social justice.
  • Closing the higher education attainment gap for LatinX students.
  • Meeting these goals through collaboration and partnership with higher education institutions,
    professionals and their allies.
  • Engaging in state-wide dialogue that impacts state educational policies that affect LatinX students.

CoCEAL Bylaws 23-24