Stephanie Roberts

Stephanie Roberts
Denver, CO




My name is Stephanie Roberts, and I currently serve as the Assistant Director for Intercultural Engagement at CU Boulder’s Center for Inclusion and Social Change. Within that role, I have the privilege of working for and with our undocumented students, as well as providing wider support structures for our Latine/x/a/o students and students from other communities.

I am excited at the opportunity to deepen my relationship with CoCEAL and bring my skills and perspective to the work being done by the leadership team. Coming most recently from work in international education, I have also worked in international human rights advocacy, international development, and community advocacy, and I value being able to apply those lenses to the work we do in education broadly, as well as on each of our campuses.

I am from Brazil originally and am the daughter of a Bolivian mother and a U.S.-born father. We moved to Aurora when I was 6 years old, and I grew up in an English and Spanish-speaking home. Exploring my own identity, where I fit, and what that meant is what started me on the path of grappling with intersectional identity, power and privilege, education and systems, and all the wider interconnecting pieces of the work we do in education. I am excited at the opportunity to learn from all of you, and do my part to bring CoCEAL’s vision ever closer.